I started paddling around the age of 7 throughout the waters of Ontario, Canada. Thanks to the canoe, I’ve made some lifelong friends and connections, not to mention memories and stories, that I’ll never forget.

I came to realize that the canoe was more than just a simple vessel and I wanted to show how several other paddlers similar to me created strong intimate connections alongside the canoe. It really gave me great joy to see how rich the mosaic of stories I encountered were. Whether they were young or old, or from various cultural backgrounds, individuals were taking the traditional Canadian craft and seeking new meaning with it. For me, the diverse paddlers I met while filming this project represented a Canada that has grown and evolved since its birth 150 years ago – and something that I was able to stand proud of today.

I’ve continued to paddle my whole life and plan to do so for a very long time. Seeing and hearing these stories made me appreciate and realize how important the canoe is to my life. To all the paddlers out there (and to those who want to start), this film is for you. Keep on paddling.

_ _ _ _ _

Narration Written & Spoken by: James Raffan

The Connector: Michelle Savoie
The Champion: Alexandra M. McGee
The Explorers: Gary & Joanie McGuffin
The Settler: Michael Zhang
The Mentor: Gail Bannon

Director / Cinematographer / Editor: Goh Iromoto
Camera Assistant / Sound Recordist / Editor: Courtney Boyd
Logistical Coordinator: Steve Bruno

Colourist: Jason Zukowski • Redlab
Motion Designer: Jay Smith • Upstate
Re-recording Mixer & Sound Editor: Joe Barrucco & Kristopher Laflamme • Timeline Audio
Assistant Editor: Nike Anderson Valeus

Special Thanks:
Canadian Canoe Museum
Fort William First Nation Community
Rapid Media

This film was produced in partnership with:
Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation
Tourism Northern Ontario
Ontario Parks
Northwest Ontario Tourism
Thunder Bay Tourism
Peterborough & Kawarthas Tourism

“If it is love that binds people to places in this nation of rivers and in this river of nations then one enduring expression of that simple truth, is surely the canoe.”

The trailer for my short documentary film ‘The Canoe

This film captures the human connection and bond created by Canada’s well-known craft & symbol, the canoe. Through the stories of five paddlers across the province of Ontario, Canada – a majestic background both in it’s landscape & history – the film underscores the strength of the human spirit and how the canoe can be a vessel for creating deep and meaningful connections.

“The question is not what we get out of nature, but what can we give back to nature.”

This film follows world renowned Woodsman Ray Mears through the wilderness of Temagami, Canada as he explores the path of acclaimed author and conservationist Grey Owl (also known as Archibald Belaney). While Ray reflects on the landscape that shaped Grey Owl into the person that he was, Ray further delves into Grey Owl’s message about protecting our wilderness and why this is still so relevant and important in our present day.

For me, this is a piece that evokes my love for the natural world and wild country – an intimate portrait of the landscape and region of Temagami.

Produced in partnership by Northeastern Ontario & the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation.

_ _ _ _ _

Starring: Ray Mears / Alex Mathias / Virginia McKenzie / Tom Saville

Director / Cinematographer: Goh Iromoto
Editor / Colour: Goh Iromoto
Assistant Editors: Nike Anderson Valeus / Courtney Boyd
Motion Designer: Jay Smith @ Upstate Post
Re-recording Mixer & Sound Editor: Joe Barrucco @ Timeline Audio

Traditional Drumming (Intro): Roger Assiniwe
Original Music (Ending Credits): “Spirit Journey” by David Laronde

Other Music:
“Where Is Hope” by Salomon Lightelm @ Musicbed
“Midnight” by Salomon Lightelm @ Musicbed
“We Are Infinte” by Salomon Lightelm @ Musicbed
“I Sought My Love Beyond the Hill, I Found Her Bathed in Waters Still” by Aural Method @ Musicbed

Additional Wildlife Footage: Hugo Kitching

Grey Owl Mississagi Historical Film Footage: Mary Whelan & Marlene O’Connor Depledge

Logistical Coordinator: Steve Bruno

Location & Guide Support: Gary & Joanie McGuffin

Special Thanks:
Temagami First Nation and Bear island
Jamie Saville
Smoothwater Outfitters
Temagami Canoe Company
Temagami Canoe Festival
Carolyn Laronde
Ontario Parks
Lakeland Airways

This film was produced in partnership with:
Northeastern Ontario
Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation

“Adventure is one thing to one person and entirely different to another person. Everyone of our DNA is different. We are unique human beings.”

LIVE BRAVELY is a short film that follows Larry Burke, founder of Outside Magazine, as he reflects on a lifetime of adventure.

Behind-the-scenes images and blog post HERE.

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Client: Land Rover

Agency: Redwood UK

Senior Art Director: Dan Delaney
Content Director: Bill Dunn
Account Director: Aarati Karia

Director / DP / Editor: Goh Iromoto
Camera Assistant: Courtney Boyd

Colourist: Jason Zukowski @ Redlab Digital
Re-recording Mixer & Sound Design: Joe Barucco @ Timeline Audio
Music: “Found” by Ryan Taubert @ Musicbed

Behind-the-scenes images and blog post HERE.

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Client: Market 32

Creative Director: Daniel Vendramin
Agency Producer: Megan Flett

Production Company: Kith & Kin
Director / DOP: Goh Iromoto
Executive Producer: Courtney Boyd

Producer: Kegan Sant
Production Co-ordinator: Katelin Ferry

Assistant Director: Jeff Cowan
Assistant Camera : Jason Kraus
Gaffer: Stephen Caswell
Grip: Mark Skinner
Swing: Paul Gettlich
Production Designer: Matthew Gordon Long
On Set Props: Gustavo Franco
Assistant Buyer: Brian Garvey
Food Stylist: Nicole Young
Food Stylist Assistant: Melodie Sadeghi
DIT: Andrew Easson

Editor: Tom Mountain Jr @ Upstate Post

Colour: Jason Zukowski @ Redlab Digital
Online: Jay Smith & Upstate Post