Knorr. Behind the Scenes.

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Photographs by Bruce Harper

Back in January I shot and directed a spot for Knorr. While it was small in scale for a tv commercial, it was one of the bigger projects I had taken on in my career. I had an incredible team and want to give many thanks to them for all their help (and enduring through the winter cold).

As many shoots nowadays, we had to deal with many challenges like working with a limited budget. One of the bigger challenges though was shooting at multiple locations during the winter season – especially because we were trying to achieve a more spring ‘non-winter’ look. Trying to remove every evidence of ice and snow in an urban environment is not as easy as it looks. With a bit of effort and some solid team work though everything was accomplished quite smoothly. ie. one cool thing I learned, the fastest way to melt snow? Flame thrower (view video clip above!).

This was also one of my first CG involved projects, which was quite intimidating at first. But the guys at Axyz not only did an incredible job help bring the character to life, they were very helpful and patient in working with me through the process as well. Because the little shakers don’t have any facial expressions, we had to work hard on subtle body and head movements to invoke any sense of emotion. Timing was also key. Dennis (CG artist) has an impeccable attention to detail and was really able to pull out every bit of empathy for Pep and his journey to find his best friend Salty.

Overall, it was a great experience and the spot turned out great. It airs March 7. Check it out here.

Some nerdy tech notes – the spot was shot all on the Canon 5D mkII mainly with the 28mm f1.8, Zeiss 50mm 1.4 and 24-105mm f4 lens. Other key pieces of gear include – SmallHD DP monitor and Kessler Phillip Bloom dolly slider.