Some behind the scenes images from the recent creative short I released – Lost Days.

We filmed this project up in Flesherton, Ontario.  It was a minimal crew, but thanks to each and every one of them, we all multi-tasked and was able to achieve a quick and efficient workflow. By using DSLR cameras it also helped us achieve an effective workflow and image.  The lightness and compactness of the camera allowed us to move from location to location quick, but also film the scenes while moving and roving with the actors – to help us achieve a visceral and intimate feel.

We used the Canon 5D mk2 camera with Zeiss ZE prime lenses for the most part.  Most scenes were shot hand held or shoulder mounted using a custom rig.  In some of the scenes, we used the Kessler Cineslider along with a motor and the Oracle for consistent movement. For me, it was the combination of handheld movements juxtaposed with tracked sliding shots that gave the piece a nice contrast in emotions when viewing the separate scenes.

In post-production, one of the most influencing aspects to the final images was the color grade.  The before and after is quite drastic, and despite the fact that we shot on a DSLR, we were able to achieve a look that is rich in texture and feel.  More about this in my next post.

View the film here: