Some BTS pics from our recent Coors Light Iced T shoot. Had a solid crew as usual. Fun toys as well. Milo crane. Phantom Flex. Innovision Probe Lens. Was a great experience to team up with Co-Director Michael Alberstat again who is super talented when it comes to understanding product shots.

As all intricate table top shoots would require, there was a great amount of prep time and testing involved in making sure we get the shots we need.  Countless hours spent on testing the liquid behaviour, liquid consistency with temperature change, ice movements, foam consistency, glass and can sweat textures, etc.  And even still, to achieve the 15 seconds of beauty shots, we had a shoot day that lasted 18 hours!

Part of what I’m most proud of too is that we were able to achieve every shot in the spot live. We didn’t rely or have to go to 3D animation to achieve some of the more technical shots. Call me old fashioned, but there’s always some sort of magic when imagery like this is able to be captured in an analogue fashion. A great experience overall.

Check out the spot HERE.