“Dogsledding lives at the intersection of skill and chaos…”

PULL is a short documentary film that delves into reflections on journeying the cold Northern Canadian landscape by dog sled.

Behind-the-scenes images and blog post HERE.

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Musher / Trapper: Burton Penner @ Borealis Dog Sled Adventures

Director / DP: Goh Iromoto
Camera Operators: Goh Iromoto & Courtney Boyd
Producer: Courtney Boyd @ Kith & Kin

Editor: Tom Mountain Jr. @ Upstate Post
Motion Design: Jason Smith @ Upstate Post
Colour: Goh Iromoto

Post Mixing & Sound Design: Quewin Warnasuriya @ Toronto Sound
Music Composition: Aaron Gaistman & Cory Revesz @ Reverie Music Group

Special Thanks: Paul Pepe @ Northwestern Ontario Tourism