Some stills from my recent shoot in Bonaire for Scuba Diver Life (

While the main portion of the shoot was for a web video, we also attended a workshop with well-known underwater camera sales and education company Backscatter. If there is ANYTHING you need to know regarding underwater filming equipment, these guys are the place to go. Hands down. They’ve been involved in aiding cinematographers and photographers from all over the world, including National Geographic, Holly wood movies, BBC, etc.

I had never shot macro underwater before, so the guys from Backscatter were extremely helpful in setting me up with all the gear I needed – which happened to be the new Sony NEX 5n, an incredible little mirrorless camera that also shoots video in 1080p at 60 frames per second!

I hope to be uploading a video shortly.

Shot on:
Canon 5D mk2 / Sigma 15mm f2.8 Fisheye / Sony NEX 5n / Sony 30mm f3.5 Macro

About a month ago I took the plunge and decided to invest in the new Red Scarlet X camera system. While it may still be a matter of months before I receive the actual camera body itself, Red has sent me an initial package of accessories.  Sure it’s only an SSD card, battery pack, and top handle…but boy am I titillated.

Check out a recent short film shot on the Scarlet X here

The last of this most recent inspiration series is a long format documentary on the business of creativity in present day culture. Not only does the film have beautiful editing, cinematography, and story telling, but it also has incredible insight on how things are changing in several well-established industries (mostly music and film).

If you have the time, definitely watch through the entire thing. Sure to be intrigued and inspired. ‘

PS. You get to see Moby speak words of wisdom (this may be a good or bad thing for you!)

Another short and simple film. The scene here focuses on a older couple in what appears to be a afternoon stroll in the park. Always amazed at how such simple moments can reflect such an honest intimacy.

While this short could easily be a simple scene in a longer feature film, I love that it’s not necessary to feel the stress and depth these characters are going through in this very moment of reveal. It’s also important to note, that this scene was somehow manifested during what was only an initial test shoot for the new Red Scarlet X camera. Pretty darn amazing (or lucky…or both!).

You can see more info on behind-the-scenes at this link

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Well it’s New Year folks. And the top thing on my list is seeking out inspiration for short stories…or short moments I should call them.

This beautiful short captures such a great feel / emotion in just a matter of minutes. Simple, short, incredible.

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Well, it’ll almost be 6 months since I made my last blog post! I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly.

The good news is, my absence was mainly due to the crazy intense 6 months of shoots and projects I was working on. Which means, a plethora of back logged posts that I hope to upload over the next few weeks.

Something happened back in June. Let’s call it a ‘lucky streak’. Before I knew it I was traveling all across the country, had a chance to film whale sharks in Mexico, cowboys in Montana, a number of NHL hockey players, and much more…

So here it goes. Winter may be back.
But so am I.

Behind-the-scenes video clip and blog post HERE.

_ _ _

Title: The Details
Client: Hotel Le Germain

Director: Goh Iromoto / Michael Alberstat
Director of Photography: Goh Iromoto / Michael Alberstat
Director’s Agent: Arlene Evidente (Arlene Reps)
Producer: Naomi Finlay (Alberstat Productions Inc.)

First Assistant Director : Tom Mountain
Red Camera Operator: Pasha Patriki
Camera Assistant / Focus Puller: David C. McKane
Gaffer: John Hall
Production Assistant: Martha Snyder

Talent: Maxim Budnick / Janel Fordon / Marie Boissannault

Hair and Makeup: Luisa Duran
Wardrobe: Laura DiMarcantonio

Editor: Tom Mountain
Colour Correction: Goh Iromoto
Sound Design: Goh Iromoto

Song Title: Last Things Last
Song Artist: Rachel’s
Album Name: Systems/Layers


“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Last November made a trip down to good ol’ New York to visit some of my cool friends. Some blurry late night moments. A pilgrimage to B&H. And cozy Brooklyn dining. Love it.

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Back in March, I had the opportunity to photograph dog sledding for Tourism Ontario. It was my first time ever doing it, and holy **** it was amazing.

Spent the morning half shooting from the sled itself – which was tons of fun, but definitely a bit of a challenge. Got some great shots, although my 5D definitely did a few snow face plants…especially when the dogs flipped the sled over at one point! Luckily the 5D (and I had a 7D) as well as the L lenses I packed were able to handle the conditions.

The afternoon was just as intensive shooting from a snow mobile. All in all, a great experience and a great shoot. For anyone who’s never tried dog sledding, do it. Maybe something to look forward too for next season.

Ontario’s Great Outdoor Adventures // Tourism Ontario

Behind-the-scenes images and blog post HERE.

_ _ _

Title: Low Places (Director’s Cut)
Client: Knorr
Agency: Lowe Roche

Director: Goh Iromoto
Director of Photography: Goh Iromoto
Line Producer: Matthew Harper
Production Agent: Arlene Evidente // ArleneReps
First Assistant Director : Tom Mountain
Lighting Director: Bruce Harper
Art Department: Greg Carson & Vincent Harper
Key Grip: Chris Grubisa
Production Assistants: Peter Lipscombe

Agency Producer: Jennifer Morrison
Art Director: JP Gravina
Writer: Simon Craig
Creative Directors: Steph Mackie & Mark Biernacki

Editor/Set Supervisor: Peter McAuly // Axyz
CG Artist: Dennis Turner // Axyz
Audio Mixing: Paul Seeley

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Photographs by Bruce Harper

Back in January I shot and directed a spot for Knorr. While it was small in scale for a tv commercial, it was one of the bigger projects I had taken on in my career. I had an incredible team and want to give many thanks to them for all their help (and enduring through the winter cold).

As many shoots nowadays, we had to deal with many challenges like working with a limited budget. One of the bigger challenges though was shooting at multiple locations during the winter season – especially because we were trying to achieve a more spring ‘non-winter’ look. Trying to remove every evidence of ice and snow in an urban environment is not as easy as it looks. With a bit of effort and some solid team work though everything was accomplished quite smoothly. ie. one cool thing I learned, the fastest way to melt snow? Flame thrower (view video clip above!).

This was also one of my first CG involved projects, which was quite intimidating at first. But the guys at Axyz not only did an incredible job help bring the character to life, they were very helpful and patient in working with me through the process as well. Because the little shakers don’t have any facial expressions, we had to work hard on subtle body and head movements to invoke any sense of emotion. Timing was also key. Dennis (CG artist) has an impeccable attention to detail and was really able to pull out every bit of empathy for Pep and his journey to find his best friend Salty.

Overall, it was a great experience and the spot turned out great. It airs March 7. Check it out here.

Some nerdy tech notes – the spot was shot all on the Canon 5D mkII mainly with the 28mm f1.8, Zeiss 50mm 1.4 and 24-105mm f4 lens. Other key pieces of gear include – SmallHD DP monitor and Kessler Phillip Bloom dolly slider.