A very happy dog in Kensington…mind you, I only noticed how happy he was afterward when I saw the image closer while editing. Oi.

Last month I was asked to shoot for the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure – a 730km bike ride over 8 days from Niagara to the Quebec border.  Having done cycling tours before, this was a great experience…Except, I’d never done a long trip while carrying two DSLRs on my back. Not to mention the 40 degrees Celsius temperature throughout the whole week.  That was a toughy.  Nonetheless, an awesome trip.

A few months back, I had the chance of shooting some food photography of Chef Hashimoto creations at a Canadian Film Centre function.  He owns the restaurant Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto in Toronto and I have shot with them many a times.  The family run restaurant hopes to one day publish an book which illustrates not only Chef Hashimoto’s incredibly creative dishes, but also more intimate behind-the-scenes images of the cooking process.  Check out their site here

To see the full series please click here. These are the images I took on Saturday, June 26 during the G20 protests in Toronto, ON.  There’s a disconnect when seeing other cities go through similar incidents.  But definitely had an immense feeling of discomfort seeing the city I grew up in turn this way.

More images at: www.gohiromoto.com/#/STORIES/G20/1

Woohoo. It has taken way too long for me to have this done, but I am quite proud to announce the launch of my new photography website.  Take a look here. I’m also in the process of developing a commercial motion work based site, so keep an eye out!


Woohoo. Designed new business cards with a whole new identity. Also, you get to see my card for my commercial motion work – upcoming website for director, dp, editor work to come! The paper quality is damn nice.  Ordered them from here.